mandag den 27. juli 2009

Lidt sjov

Rock Star Name: (1st Pet’s name & current car) ~ Bimse Mazda
Guy/Girl Name: (1st initial + first 3 letters of your last name) ~ Uibs
Detective Name: (Fave color & fave animal) ~ Green dog
Soap Opera Name: (Middle name & city/town born in) ~ Merethe Roskilde
Star Wars Name: (First 3 letters of last name + first 2 of first name) ~ Ibsul
Superhero: (”The” & second fave color & fave drink) ~ The Blue Coke Zero
Nascar Name: (1st names of grandfathers’) ~ Svend Otto
Stripper Name: (Fave scent/perfume/cologne & fave candy) ~ Cucumber Chocolate
TartWitness Protection Name: (Mom & Dad’s middle name) ~ L. Frank
Weather Anchor Name: (5th grade teacher’s last name & a city which starts with the same letter) ~ Bech Bogense
Spy/Bond Name: (fave season/holiday & fave flower) ~ Summer Tulip
Cartoon Name: (fave fruit & article of present clothing + “ie” or “y”) ~ Raspberry Skirtie
Hippy Name: (What you ate for breakfast & fave tree) ~ Bunn Magnolia

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